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Irvine Uni Reflection on Leadership and Group Dynamics Essay

Irvine Uni Reflection on Leadership and Group Dynamics Essay

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Hello this paper should be 7 pages long in APA format. I will include two textbooks that can be cited. Those are the only sources that need to be used. I will provide the prompt below and under each number I will comment about myself because this is a self reflection paper and it will make it easier to write the paper. A hint they gave us is also to look back at our discussions we had done in the class in the past so I will provide them just in case after the question is accepted. The paper has three parts so you could split it evenly like maybe 2.5 pages each and answer all the questions below with the information I am going to provide and you can expand on that and also add from the book and discussions. Extra information is that we had a weekend where we participated in groups and a group project and I mention those a lot below. I explained the points based on myself and my group and you can expand on the ideas. I have pretty much started and I wrote almost a page but you have to write it in proper form and expand.


Reflection Paper (100 points totals)

Reflect on what you have learned about yourself, the group process, and others throughout the semester of experiences in CSP 672. This is an opportunity for you to process your own group experience from the perspectives of a group member, leader, and co-leader. Be sure to write in specific and concrete terms rather than general and global terms (substantiate your points with concrete examples). If you mention other group members, use their initials only. Address the following in your paper.

1.Self reflection

a. What did you learn about yourself as a group leader? Must include the following points:

  • Focus on personal qualities, beliefs, and attitudes that may enhance or detract from your effectiveness as a group leader
  • b. What did you learn about yourself as a group member? Also, assess the extent to which you achieved personal goals that you identified at the beginning of the semester as a group member.

    c. Identify some countertransference issues that you encountered or may encounter in the future based on your experiences in the small and/or large groups.

    d. Describe your strongest and weakest skills as a group leader and your plan for addressing skills that need improvement beyond this class.

    (My own comments: For the first question, I always used to only be a group member and I really never was a group leader before. I was to shy to actually lead a group so I always held back. I learned about myself that I actually have the courage to be a group leader. Being in the intensive group I learned that once you are engaged with the others and they trust you the process becomes more natural and easier. One thing that was hard for me as a leader is I did not want to overshare information but I also wanted to build trust between me and others so I need to find balance between that. I learned as a group member that I feel less lonely when others share their experiences whether it is similar or different. I learned that I feel empowered by others. A personal goal I achieved is to not hold back and share personal information with others. At the beginning I was more skeptic of sharing information. I learned how to become vulnerable as a group member. Something else that I have learned is that I became a better listener. One thing in a larger group that I have experienced was that sometimes everyone would wait for the other person to share and there was a couple quite minutes. Or the opposite would happen where someone would overshare and others did not get a chance. My strongest skill as a group leader is active listening and paying attention to detail and remembering and paying attention to each members story. Something I need to improve is my self esteem and self doubt in being a leader. I need to stop holding back and focus on my goals.)

    2. Group process reflection

    a. What did you learn about the group processes that will help you run groups more efficiently in the future? Ensure to include the following:

    * describe how your small group (in the lab) functioned and what you have learned about how groups function and malfunction.

    * Describe the evolution of your lab group in terms of stages of development and specific group processes (e.g., level of trust established, the impact of working with co-leaders, conflict and/or resistance, cohesion)

    b. Describe the personality of your group, and how did your group maintain that personality?
    c. What factors in the group prevented your group from moving forward or process deeper.

    (My own comments: Something I learned is to that not everything works out perfectly from the first time and to have patience. It is important to trust the process because the members and leaders need to get to know each other and build trust first. Another thing I learned is that it is important to not overtalk someone and to go one by one so everyone gets a chance to share. In our small group all the members were participating and active. Our group leader in the first session was very clear and made it go more smoothly since I did not know many of the other group members we introduced ourselves first. I learned how comforting words can be and how language can make participants more comfortable. At the beginning the members shared a little about themselves the topics evolved in the second round and third and people started to become more talkative and sharing. I think working with co leaders made the process easier. It felt less pressuring. In the last round I noticed cohesion because the members started getting more emotional other group members were supportive. There was not any type of conflict or resistance in the group we had. But as a leader I learned that if there is any type of conflict or resistance to take it slow and focus on the details. It is important to listen and not to argue with a member to be able to focus on a solution. It is not always the best to be in the “expert” role. I think that limited time might have prevented my group from moving forward. I think universality would describe my groups personality because we shared the similar experiences which helped us see what others are going through and not feel that we are alone. I think that a lot of members wanted to share more but we wanted to respect each other and give each other space to share.)

    3. Leadership reflection

    a. What do you think was your strengths and weaknesses in leading the group (talk about skills, personal qualities, etc)?

    b. What are your plans in improving identified weaknesses/skills?

    c. How was your experience as a leader/co-leader different from your experience as a member participant?

    (My strengths are that I am culturally competent. I am a good listener, I keep eye contact, I pay attention to detail, I am patient, I am committed. I have empathy and cultural humility. (I think one of the discussions discussed that topic you can get more ideas from there). Weakness would be that I am a little insecure in leading bigger groups. Another thing would be facing criticism. I would have a hard time receiving negative comments.My plans to improve it is to practice with a group of friends or family. I would also have to improve building my self-esteem not doubting myself and facing criticism without becoming hopeless. (here you can find ways to help it). Differences between being a leader would be that you get to hear others. It is definitely harder because you want to give feedback that does benefits them and does not hurt them in any way. It feels like a bigger responsibility. However, it is a great experience and feeling to be able to hear others, help them and engage with them. The best feeling in the counseling profession is have the trust of others and them sharing their stories with you. As a member it is a little bit more laid back however sometimes it arises feelings of anxiety sharing personal information with a bigger group. However, getting feedback as a member and feeling supported makes the process feel better. It is also good to hear other people share so we do not feel lonely or alone in our journey. In both positions as a leader and member it is amazing how people develop from the first round until the last. In both positions I got to build a stronger relationship with the others session after session.)

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